Prohibit to speak Japanese

    We prohibit to speak Japanese from today   So far I could see speaking people by each mother tongue, Japanese, Visayas. I consult to all of members on meeting about that. Then I got proposal using English as possible as whole of company to improve our English. I hope that using English have positive impact to be smooth communication, specially this situation our members are increasing. I’ve been respecting to speak Visayas as their culture, so It had great meanings that a Philippines member gave us the proposal. From now on, we will teach not only programming but also English each other in our team. If we proceed mixing ideas with people who has different cultures and languages, I’m looking forward to what services could we release. I should be hard studying English.    


The corporation can be established with two months and 100k PHP in Philippines

I started a company in the Philippines. It is unexpectedly simple and does not cost much. For this my first challenge, I did not ask the Japanese agency but tried with Leazl, who is a friend of mine and representative of F&R. She had no experience on this kind of matter, however I still asked her for cooperation as I trusted her personality. Also it was to make my new company as rooted in Philippines and grow together with her newly established company F&R, which she had established with her great effort. It does not mean that I necessarily recommend creating a company, however I will support the people who want to give a challenge in the Philippines.   Establishment Cost of Corporation in the Philippines The cost and time period spent on company establishment in the Philippines are as follows. Necessary expenses correspond to the fees such as attestation fee, taxes and fees that is paid to the country or regional offices. We paid  agent commission to F&R, as we asked them to proceed all the registration procedure for us. In below chart, the lowest capital stock is mentioned as from 5k PHP, however it seems to be common